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Our training is focused on the soft-skills development of your employees, which is important to ensure they are continually developing. The courses provide the tools and vocabulary required to reduce people’s unconscious biases, improve their inclusive communication skills, and highlight the importance of diversity within engineering.

We can provide training that meets the needs of your workforce, with courses tailored to your organisations’ requirements. These can be delivered live virtually, in-person or as e-learning modules. 

Our Training

Creating Inclusive Cultures

Embrace the power of diversity and learn how to cultivate inclusive environments where indivduals feel valued and empowered, fostering collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging.

Supporting Mental Health for STEM Students & Staff

Discover strategies and techniques to support the mental well-being of both students and staff, creating a healthy and supportive educational environment.

ECITB Approved Training

Enhance your skills and expertise in the engineering industry with ECITB-approved trainings, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and industry relevance.

Inclusive Safety Cultures Training

Enhancing workplace safety through culture, fostering ownership for psychological and physical safety behaviours.

Inclusive Research Cultures

Transforming STEM research by fostering inclusive environments where diverse talents thrive.

Step Up, Stand Out, Speak Up!

Develop essential public speaking skills and unlock your potential with our dynamic Step up, Stand out, Speak up workshop, equipping you with the tools for effective communication.

EqualEngineers Academy

Access a diverse range of online courses via our platform, empowering you to foster inclusivity, develop leadership skills, and drive professional growth within the engineering industry.

What People Say About Our Training

Joanna Horton Director of Member Operations - IMechE

I am delighted that IMechE is working with EqualEngineers to continue our work in the diversity and inclusion arena, we hope this will cultivate a vision and sense of belonging for all stakeholders of the Institution.

Jenny Young Deputy Director of Strategy & Policy - ECITB

ECITB provided funding for EqualEngineers to train 1,000 engineers in the UK nuclear sector through 2020. Training was delivered to over 10 organisations, each of varying sizes, and EqualEngineers provided regular feedback in terms of their reporting on progress to targets set.

Kawal Rhode Professor in Biomedical Engineering - King's College London

EqualEngineers has provided their expertise in how best to meet our stated objectives and is helping us to support our students through their online learning and mentoring programme. Working with EqualEngineers has been a pleasure and the team has been very effective in furthering our mutual objectives.

Claire Scott Leadership Development Programme Manager - EDF

EqualEngineers delivered Inclusive Leadership training to our Executive Team of Hinkley Point C, and we also contracted with them to deliver a Masterclass on Leading Leaders to over 100 senior leaders across EDF Generation spanning across two sessions per cohort.

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