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EqualEngineers Academy

The EqualEngineers Academy offers a comprehensive range of high-quality training content, conveniently delivered through our virtual platform. Our academy is dedicated to providing a seamless learning experience that matches the level of engagement and satisfaction one would typically find in traditional in-person training sessions. With a diverse selection of courses available, each meticulously crafted to meet specific learning objectives, our users can access a wealth of knowledge and skills in their desired fields. Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional development, acquire new competencies, or stay up-to-date with industry advancements, our virtual courses offer an immersive and enjoyable learning journey. Embrace the flexibility and accessibility of the EqualEngineers Academy to unlock your full potential and thrive in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving professional landscape.


At the EqualEngineers Academy, we believe in the power of knowledge and continuous learning to unlock your full potential and drive positive change in the engineering industry. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our diverse range of courses, with a focus on leadership development, diversity and inclusion. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skill set or a fresh graduate eager to make a strong impact, our courses provide a roadmap to success. Explore our five transformative courses below and embark on a journey of growth and innovation.

Course 1
Unconscious Bias

Learn about the development of unconscious biases and explore the effects of different types, on both individuals and organisations. Improve your understanding of your own biases and how to overcome and resolve them.

Course 2
Inclusive Procurement

Learn how inclusive procurement involving new and small suppliers, which are minority owned, can provide competitive financial and innovation advantages and improve your organisation's brand and social responsibility.

Course 3
Inclusive Communication

Develop an understanding on what inclusive communication is and it's benefits for people and organisations. Discover best practices for communicating and how to make information accessible for all.

Course 4
Inclusive Recruitment

Explore the importance of inclusive recruitment and the benefits it brings to applicants and organisations. Develop an understanding on the barriers preventing inclusive recruitment, and ways to improve.

Course 5
Creating Inclusive Cultures

Experience an introduction to diversity and inclusion, and how they are used to create a purpose-driven workforce. Learn about biases, inclusion barriers, privileges, and complete an action plan on how to create an inclusive culture.


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Dr. Mark McBride-Wright

Founder & CEO, EqualEngineers

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