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The SAFE Leader

By Dr. Mark McBride-Wright

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Over 70% claim that men are expected to control their emotions by not showing weakness


Over 70% claim that men are expected to control their emotions by not showing weakness


Over 70% claim that men are expected to control their emotions by not showing weakness


The engineering industry underpins everything we encounter daily, spanning a wide range of sectors including technology, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, healthcare, renewable energy, and more. Yet despite its importance in our lives, fewer people are studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The engineering profession not only suffers from a shortage of skilled, qualified workers, but a mental health crisis, high suicide rates, and stereotypical masculine norms that can create an unsafe, non-inclusive workplace. In short, in a world that is becoming more globalised every day, engineering is operating in an outdated system and urgently needs an upgrade.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for a safe workplace.

In this insightful, sensitive book, safety engineer Mark McBride- Wright explores how the principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can close the engineering skills gap and create a physically and psychologically safe workplace where innovation and inclusive design can flourish.

Project SHIELD©

Cutting-edge, cross-sector collaboration between safety conscious organisations.

SHAKE© Framework

Model designed to replace caustic leadership styles with inclusive leadership traits.


Dr. Mark McBride-Wright MBE CEng

Founder & CEO EqualEngineers
Dr. Mark McBride-Wright MBE CEng MIChemE is a chartered chemical engineer and renowned advocate for diversity and inclusion in engineering. In 2023, he was honoured with an MBE in the King’s Birthday Honours 2023 for services to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Engineering. He also received the prestigious Rooke Award in 2022 from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Mark is a Visiting Professor of Inclusive Engineering Leadership at UCL. He founded EqualEngineers in 2017, offering a range of events, recruitment, training and consulting services. Also a co-founder of InterEngineering, Mark champions LGBTQ+ engineers. His accolades include the ‘Corporate Rising Star’ at the 2016 British LGBT Awards and a top rank in the Financial Times Future LGBT Leaders list.

Book Chapters

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Foundations and How This Links to Safety in Engineering

Model designed to replace caustic leadership styles with inclusive leadership traits.

How the Operating System was Built: The History of Physical Safety in Engineering

Explores the history of physical safety and its current modernisation.

SOS - The Failure of the Current Safety Operating System

Explores psychological safety, mental health and wellbeing and their link to DEI.

Expanding the Operating System to include Psychological Safety

Looks at how DEI and H&S support each other through the Bradley Curve.

A New Inclusive Operating System: The Bradley Curve Revisited

Reinvents the Bradley Curve for psychological safety.

How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Health & Safety Interlink to Create Psychological Safety

Explores how DEI and H&S interlink to create psychological safety

Engaging the Majority: Masculinity in Engineering

Offers actionable advice on how to engage the male majority in DEI

Conclusion: The Future of Engineering, A System that Works for ALL!

Discusses what the future of engineering should look like.


An indispensable guide for leaders and teams, ‘The SAFE Leader’ offers a profound roadmap to fostering true belonging and innovation in the modern workplace.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, WSJ best-selling author, Inclusion, Beyond Diversity, and How to be an Inclusive Leader
This book is an important catalyst to stimulate debate. It is also refreshing to see recognition of the need to include everyone including majority groups as well as minorities. Whether you are an engineer, a health and safety professional, an educator, or simply a concerned citizen, I believe you will find food for thought and ideas which resonate in “The SAFE Leader”.

Dame Judith Hackitt DBE, FREng, FIChemE

Former Chair of the UK Health & Safety Executive
Scientists and engineers need this book! With clarity and conviction, ‘The SAFE Leader’ illuminates the path forward for organisations seeking genuine inclusivity and growth.

Dr. Sallie E. Greenberg

Affiliated Principal Research Scientist, Illinois State Geological Survey
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