1 in 5 engineers said they lost a colleague to suicide

Men’s Mental Health and Masculinity in Engineering

Mental Health has been a prominent topic recently however masculinity is commonly neglected as part of the conversation. Men’s Mental Health is a hard topic to bring up due to the fact most men find it difficult to speak about their feelings. It is then frequently overlooked. Men are under a heavy stigma to conceal …

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The Thoughts of a Mentor

“I have spent the last few months mentoring an ambitious, hard-working and enthusiastic robotics student called Liza through the Equal Engineers mentoring scheme. Liza is all these things, and also deaf. She was born with 80% “deafness” which puts her in the severely deaf category. I helped Liza work through some ideas on career prospects …

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Designing an Inclusive Future

Inclusivity is creating a safe environment for everyone of different ages and abilities. It means giving them the confidence and ability to undertake day to day tasks in a similar manner and ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities and the same abilities to participate.