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Be the organisation whom everyone wants to work for. Improve your reputation by making your brand synonymous with inclusion. We will work with you on overhauling your organisational culture by identifying the issues, breaking down existing barriers, developing a strategic plan and facilitating implementation.

Organisations are at different stages of the journey to inclusion. Some have the buy-in and drive top-down from executive and senior leadership teams and therefore the capital investment to match, yet do not know how best to maximise the investment of these funds. Conversely, some organisations have a grass-roots movement with employees who wish to create change, but have no access to capital. They then have to go on a journey to justify the benefits of being proactive in inclusion writing business cases to senior leaders in order to obtain access to capital.

There is real benefit is adopting an overall inclusion strategy first, and then setting up whichever employee resource groups may be necessary for your organisation. Unfortunately, organisations focus too much on the primary protected characteristics and set about establishing employee resource groups to cater for them. The risk is that this creates a “them” and “us” culture among the workforce if all these efforts are not sewn up, conveyed and articulated in a cohesive inclusion strategy. Such resource groups should be regarded as enablers of an overall inclusion strategy and not the strategy themselves. The key is to engaging all people in your organisation.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create a custom inclusion strategy or review and audit your existing approach to inclusion to help guide your efforts for maximum return on investment in your equality, diversity and inclusion endeavours.

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