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Attracting candidates from a wide, diverse talent pool is a critical component is ensuring your organisation has the opportunity to interview a diverse range of candidates. Do you mainly use external recruitment agencies, and, if so, do they present you with diverse candidates? Do you request that they do so? If you mainly procure your talent through direct channels, are you reaching out through as wide a range of channels as possible?

Potential candidates will research your organisation before applying for a vacancy. What will they uncover about the values and culture of your organisation? Do they see people like them working for you? Do you have visible role models which represent people like them? In your management and leadership teams, do they think it is realistic they will have the opportunity to reach the upper echelons of your organisation?

It is vital to have an inclusive recruitment and talent sourcing strategy. Interviewers need to be equipped to answer questions around diversity and inclusion with confidence, and if they are not sure, assure the candidate they will seek out the correct response and follow up. Proactive companies actively engage and reach out through channels where they can gain access to this talent.

We are able to help your organisation with your talent sourcing and development strategies. We can provide guidance on how to reach out through different channels through our extensive network of contacts and partner organisations. We can provide training for all staff involved in recruitment and selection which covers the process, how to ensure fairness, consistency and objectivity and how to avoid bias. We help facilitate an inclusive recruitment process and ensure that your policies and practices are always improving.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you with a bespoke recruitment, selection and retention training program, or advisory on how to best create more inclusive talent sourcing, on-boarding and development processes.

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