Student Hub

Come and join the new EqualEngineers Student Hub! A brand-new platform where you can collaborate, discuss and network with engineering and technology students from around the world!

The Student Hub has been designed to enable students like you to chat with other students from your university, your field of study, or other students with same or differing interests across the globe. This community is a place for students to share experiences, life-hacks, or find exciting new friends.

If you want to get involved, then fill out our form below to receive a joining link!

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Students often need a place to ask for advice, to discuss employability tips, and find new friends. Our Student Hub offers these opportunities. We want students to be able to find support in each other, no matter where or what they are studying.

The Student Hub also offers student societies the opportunity to collaborate with others, on events, competitions or activities. Our community will be formed of societies and their committees from around the world, creating a network of engaged and proactive groups of students that can work together on exciting projects, even if they are miles apart!