Step Up, Stand Out, Speak Up!


Step Up, Stand Out, Speak Up!

If the thought of public speaking makes you want to run for cover, we’ll give you the specific tools which will surprise, and empower you. You won’t want to sit down! 

For all aspiring engineers and technicians, the opportunity to address your peers or an organisation will need more than just knowledge of your chosen field. “Step Up, Stand Out, Speak Up” confidence building course is designed to empower individuals to embrace their unique abilities, boost their self-assurance, and develop the skills needed to confidently express themselves in various personal and professional settings.  

Participants will...

Skills Gained

Improved Communication
Interpersonal skills
Increased assertiveness
Enhanced public & presentation skills


Half-Day (3 hours)

1x break/classroom

Full Day (6 hours)

2x breaks lunch/classroom

For any bespoke requirements, please get in touch.


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Fayon Dixon


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