Supporting Mental Health for STEM Students & Staff

Mental Health Training

The mental health of staff and students is a challenging issue in universities. Based on accredited mental health training, our development programme adds additional insight based on our work including on Masculinity in Engineering. We have created a half-day course that can rapidly equip staff to look after their own wellbeing while being confident to support students when they first present with mental health challenges. It can also form the basis for some staff to complete accredited Mental Health First Aid training, which EqualEngineers can help source. 

Programme Outcomes

Programme Structure

We propose to deliver support the immediate need for improved mental health awareness combined with culture development for course teams. This can form a precursor to further development for staff or students, particularly where there are concerns about the culture amongst students. 

Following initial discussion with Faculty colleagues, we propose the following pattern: 

Session 1
Understanding Inclusive Culture to Support Mental Health

Gain valuable insights into the intersection of mental health and inclusive cultures, equipping you with a deep understanding of how diverse environments can positively impact the well-being of STEM students and staff, fostering a sense of belonging and resilience.

Session 2
Developing Inclusive Culture to Support Mental Health

Developing Inclusive Culture to Support Mental Health: Discover practical strategies and actionable steps to create an inclusive culture that prioritizes and supports mental health within STEM settings, enabling you to implement effective policies, initiatives, and resources that promote well-being and psychological safety for all.

A workbook will be provided to participants to support learning between sessions, and a resource pack for further work.


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Dr. Mark McBride-Wright

Founder & CEO, EqualEngineers

Stewart Eyres

Higher Education Consultant

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