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Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50, with male construction workers 3.7 times more likely to take their own life compared to the national average. Engineering and technology in the UK is a predominantly male profession, with men comprising over 89% of the workforce. Many diversity efforts focus on women, so we wanted to flip the script and get perspectives on masculinity in engineering and technology.

Survey 2022 Closed!

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This survey is exploring if the culture of engineering is affected by the stereotype of what an engineer looks like, and how men are expected to behave:

Do you feel that a more masculine workplace makes it harder for employees to approach their management/colleagues about sensitive matters?

Could a more diverse profession benefit both women and men?

Are men able to be open about their mental health challenges at work, or is the stigmatisation too great?

Do you believe that a unified engineering institution nationwide would achieve a more culturally diverse and fair workplace for engineers?

This survey would like to know your views and opinions - the real ones, not the ones that you feel that you should express. We expect respondents to give us their real answers, not just the "right" answers.

We want people from all areas of the industry to take part, whether your role is office or site based, manual, administrative, design, leadership, HR, student, educator, manager, executive and everything in between.

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The new survey was launched on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2021, and closed on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Survey 2022 Closed!

Read the results from the 2018 survey, published in 2019.

Dr Mark McBride-Wright 
Founder & Managing Director, EqualEngineers

The survey is the brainchild of Dr Mark McBride-Wright, who set up EqualEngineers, after years of working in the sector and seeing not only the challenges that the lack of diversity can bring, but also the risks posed to health, safety and wellbeing. Being a gay safety engineer himself, and setting up networking group InterEngineering for LGBT+ engineers gave him the drive to set up EqualEngineers as an organisation covering all aspects of diversity.


Mark says:

"For me, inclusivity in the workplace is a health and safety issue. Not being able to be open about who you are, because of attitudes and lack of diversity around you can lead to mental health issues and decreased wellbeing. In Construction, for example, an industry where suicide rates among men are more than three times the national average, more needs to be done to ensure that commitment to these issues goes much further than token inclusion policies.

My hopes for this survey is to capture the voice of men in the engineering and tech industries, individuals who perhaps feel excluded from the focus on diversity and inclusion efforts of organisations. We need to rapidly overhaul the way in which we approach culture change programmes within our industry, and we need to ensure everyone feels included, and is able to find their voice as part of the diversity narrative."


The insights will inform methods for making sure men feel included in diversity and inclusion projects.

They will be used to inform Government lobbying to make Mental Health First Aider training mandatory.

They will be shared with organisations across the industry to help better inform intervention initiatives.

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