Inclusive Safety Cultures Training

Inclusive Safety Cultures Training

Organisations are increasingly making the link between physical and psychological safety in the workplace.

We are passionate about helping organisations overcome the challenges and barriers to create a positive health and safety culture. The intersection between health and safety and an inclusive corporate culture is a critical aspect to unlocking positive results in both people and performance.

The  experience and expertise of EqualEngineers will bring safety behaviours to life, enabling your people to not only understand organisational policies and compliance, but critically to See and Own the behaviours that will truly embed a culture of psychological and physical safety.

Our Approach to Behavioural Learning and Change

Our methodology for achieving lasting behaviour change is underpinned by our 4-stage ‘Steps to Change’ model. It describes the stages that people must go through (individually and collectively) for behaviour change to happen and endure.

The innate power of storytelling and drama is unrivalled in its ability to effect change.

  • It ‘holds up the mirror’ – it enables people to see and reflect on limiting behaviours that are happening in their organisation, and the impact of those behaviours.
  • It creates a visceral reaction in the learner, an emotional ‘punch’ – connecting them to the need to change.
  • It ‘pulls’ learning from the participants (rather than ‘pushing’ it on to them) – so they own the answers and insights for themselves
  • It is highly practical – it focuses on things that can be easily seen and understood; people are able to identify and to immediately practice what behaviours they need to change in the workplace and develop tools and techniques to live these back in the workplace.

Drama is particularly valuable when exploring safety from a behavioural perspective. Your people will invariably know what the manuals and guidelines recommend and require – but we know that words alone do not change behaviour.

People have to see how these risks play out practically in the everyday reality of their roles and environment and how their own individual behaviours and decisions can impact the eventual safety outcomes positively or negatively. By creating credible, fully tailored scenarios we will demonstrate how everyone has a role to play in creating a culture of safety in the workplace.

Drama scenarios are reinforced with real world examples, case studies and models/theories of safety, making clear links to your industry and organisation, and how safety behaviours intersect with organisational policies, processes and strategies.

Training Outcomes

How does it work?

Interactive workshops on Safety Culture and Behaviours can be delivered in-person or virtually. As our work is fully bespoke there is no set duration or group size, but typically workshops would be half-day or full-day, with groups of 20-40 per workshop. We can also design and produce high-quality bespoke digital resources (videos, online modules) to cascade and sustain learning. Our aim is to partner with clients to design and develop an approach and format that works for you and that will achieve the practical, tangible learning and behavioural change that you need. If you’d like to find out more, please fill in the Enquiry Form.


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Dr. Mark McBride-Wright

Founder & CEO, EqualEngineers

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