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From Space Technology to Neuroinclusivity

At EqualEngineers, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in diversity and inclusion. This commitment is showcased in our upcoming online event on the 8th of August, where innovation meets inclusivity.  

We are thrilled to host Rob Brougham from Braided Communications, who will share his journey from pioneering deep space communication tools to enhancing neurodiversity support here on Earth. Rob’s collaboration with giants like NASA, ESA, and the UK Space Agency led to the development of technology that, beyond its celestial intentions, offers immense benefits for neurodiverse individuals. Through our Neurodiversity Network, we aim to bring such transformative stories and technologies to the forefront, ensuring that every breakthrough is a step towards more inclusive workplaces. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how technological advancements can foster inclusivity and support the neurodiverse community.  

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