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Join us in embracing inclusivity within engineering. Welcome to the EqualEngineers Neurodiversity Network – a dynamic forum dedicated to fostering support for and understanding of those who are neurodivergent. Our aim is to create a safe place of acceptance for neurodivergent engineers amongst their neurotypical peers. We wish to include those who have been formally diagnosed neurodivergent and those who are self-diagnosed (lived experience), and we also keen to include their allies and family members too.

Why you should join our Network

EqualEngineers’ ambition is to provide support to neurodivergent engineers. We also aim to raise awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity amongst those who are neurotypical.
Some of the activities and points of discussion that will be undertaken by our group will be:

  • Celebrating the advantages of neurodiversity to engineering in the workplace and society;
  • Increasing awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity in engineering;
  • Removing the stigma and the sense of isolation in the workplace and society;
  • Understanding and combating the challenges and issues that neurodivergent engineers facing daily in the workplace;
  • Educating employers and professional bodies about the importance of neurodiversity; and
  • Spotlighting positive role models amongst neurodivergent engineers.

Neurodiversity Network Co-Chairs

Fiona Moore

Architectural Technologist, lead of Equal Engineers Neurodiversity Network, Vice Chair of nima and key member of the GIIG, Fiona is a strategic thinker, a pragmatist, and a good communicator. This is despite the negative impact of being seen as ‘different’, ‘a problem’ and many stresses/anxieties. It is only relatively recently that Fiona realised this is likely to be because of autistism. Fiona is self-diognosed and is looking to apply for a diagnosis

Martin Griffin, Co-Chair of the Equal Engineers Neurodiversity Network
Martin Griffin

Martin is a multi-awarding EDI Champion and UK-based Principal Geotechnical Engineer with GHD. He is neurodivergent and visually impaired. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Geologist, and a Fellow of the Institute of Diversity and Equality Professionals. He serves as the Geological Society Vice President for EDI and other committees.

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