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Covid-19 Student Challenge

What are the problems YOU, and your community are facing in daily life due to coronavirus?

We are being exposed to issues around us in a way we are not used to. At EqualEngineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, we think it is time for action!


We are looking for creative and out-of-this-world ideas, to help tackle the effects of Covid-19 around you. Be as imaginative as you can, and as a team, or individually pitch in with your innovative solutions to help defeat coronavirus.


We are open to teams and entries world-wide! The categories for the Covid-19 Student Challenge are: primary school, secondary school, college and university. 

We have attached a short brainstorming video below, but don't let that constrain your imagination in any way. Best of luck, and let's kick covid-19 out of this planet, one idea at a time!


Brainstorming, resources & ideas

This competition is now closed. Thanks for participating and sign up to our newsletter for more great competitions, content and more!

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance to the Covid-19 crisis
  • Potential impact of the submitted idea
  • Presentation of the problem and solution
  • Clarity in expressing benefits and risks
  • Feasability of the technical solution
  • Standard of visual presentation

When filling in your submission form, remember to answer three main questions:

1) How did you address this problem?

2) How can your product/idea be used?

3) Who could you help with your idea?

This design competition is open-ended: you can tackle any issue related to Covid-19. Empower your inner creative-self, and fight for what you are passionate about!



Category Winner- £100 Amazon voucher
Second Place - £50 Amazon voucher

Third Place - £25 Amazon voucher

Feel free to use your voucher as a treat or as "seed funding" to keep developing your idea!

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