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Covid-19 Student Challenge

The Covid-19 Student Challenge was a great success, with over 100 unique entries from around the UK and the World! 

The creativity and dedication put into every design was really impressive and we thank everyone who submitted an entry!

Check out our winners below!

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Primary School

First Place: Leyla Spiteri

Social Distance Detector Device

“My proposal is the design of an electronic device that will be able to detect the presence of people around it. This electronic device will be equipped with an alarm system that will alert the user if they are closer than 2 metres to another person.”


Second Place: George Lenney

Hands Free Gate

“The system works when you stand on the footplate, it pushes down the end of the lock; lifting the hook end from the lock pin, the bar swings down into the space on the gate post and then you just need to kick the gate and it’s open! It will swing back and the lock will fall and reset.”


Secondary School

First Place: Sirihaasa Nallamothu

Covid-19 Machine Learning Algorithm

“RiscusExlporato is a Convolutional Neural network that can diagnose a chest x-ray (centred around the lungs) as Covid-19, Viral Pneumonia, or as healthy.”

Second Place: Peter Ayomide Odugbile

Ultrasonic 2m Distance Notifier

“By connecting ultrasonic range finders to a belt which the user wears, the user is notified when they come too close to another person – helping them to enforce social distancing.”

Further Education

First Place: Luca Casula

Electronic Education Device

“My project is called the Edustation and it is a practical and cheap alternative to education without the need of internet. It is a handheld device consisting of a: case, switch, circuit boards, keyboard, touch screen, and stylus. Information is formatted onto a micro-sd card.”


Second Place: Emily Matthews

App Controlled Dog Flap

“My idea is to invent an app controlled dog flap which allows dog walkers and customers to be in control of contactless entry and retrieval of their dogs from their homes. I envision a dog flap with a battery powered motorised hinge, pinhole camera and magnetised locks.”


Higher Education

First Place: Mora Phoenix (Team)

Covid-19 Hazmat Suit Cooling System

“Our aim is to make the state of comfort of the essential workers higher to manage their health while at work and to improve the quality and accuracy of their service during the COVID-19 era by designing and analysing a wearable vest integrated with interior cooling system.”


Second Place: Milan Gurung

Lip Readable Facemask

“Aim: To develop a mask that allows people hard of hearing to read lips of other people and communicate better whilst being protected from Covid-19.”


Challenge Details

What are the problems YOU, and your community are facing in daily life due to coronavirus?

We are being exposed to issues around us in a way we are not used to. At EqualEngineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, we think it is time for action!

We are looking for creative and out-of-this-world ideas, to help tackle the effects of Covid-19 around you. Be as imaginative as you can, and as a team, or individually pitch in with your innovative solutions to help defeat coronavirus.

We are open to teams and entries world-wide! The categories for the Covid-19 Student Challenge are: primary school, secondary school, college and university. 

We have attached a short brainstorming video below, but don’t let that constrain your imagination in any way. Best of luck, and let’s kick covid-19 out of this planet, one idea at a time!

Judging Criteria

When filling in your submission form, remember to answer three main questions:

1) How did you address this problem?

2) How can your product/idea be used?

3) Who could you help with your idea?

This design competition is open-ended: you can tackle any issue related to Covid-19. Empower your inner creative-self, and fight for what you are passionate about!



Category Winner- £100 Amazon voucher
Second Place – £50 Amazon voucher

Feel free to use your voucher as a treat or as “seed funding” to keep developing your idea!

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