Are you looking to become a more inclusive organisation but are unsure how? Or perhaps you are interested in having benchmarking done to see how you compare against other organisations in your industry?

Whatever your requirements, we provide a bespoke consultancy offering around equality, diversity and inclusion. We can support the initial research, carried out to help understand where your organisation currently sits in terms of inclusivity, and can utilise this to help shape the strategy and roadmap to transform your workplace culture!

Our experience has positioned EqualEngineers as a leader in developing equality, diversity and inclusion cultures within organisations across engineering and technology. The industry has shown there is interest and passion for making a difference to inclusive cultures and we are here to support other organisations looking to get involved.

A review of your organisation’s diversity policies and procedures will enable better impact of a coordinated inclusive strategy. We can support the creation of industry-leading and legislative compliant policies to improve recruitment, retention and talent development.

We can conduct an audit of your existing strategy to identify current issues. From this, we will breakdown barriers to support the development of a strategic plan and facilitate the steps of implementation to maximise your investment in equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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If you're looking for our support in improving your organisation's inclusive culture, then get in touch using the form below.