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What does your organisation do?

Youthforce is an apprenticeship training provider based near Brighton, offering apprenticeships in the Science, Construction, IT and Education sectors. We currently focus on the delivery of the Level 3 Laboratory Technician and the Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Standard. We also have a partnership with the Open University, offering routes into level 4, 5 and 6 science apprenticeships.

Our apprentices are placed with a variety of employers, from SMEs to Blue Chip companies, including boutique IT consultancies, major construction firms, schools and universities, research laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Although our office is based in Brighton, our apprentices are based around the South of England, with our team of tutors travelling to their workplaces to provide training.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you have apprenticeship opportunities?

IT, software, web and telecoms professionals apprenticeships

We focus on laboratory technician apprenticeships, and currently deliver the Laboratory Technician Level 3 Standard. Our Lab Tech apprentices work in the Science, Pharmaceutical, Education and Construction Sectors.

How do you create an inclusive workforce?

We are actively involved with the recruitment of apprentices on to the programmes we offer, holding recruitment workshops accessible to all. We have previously accommodated applicants with a range of additional learning needs at our workshops, ensuring accessibility and routes into apprenticeships for those who have otherwise faced difficulties when applying for roles.

We are engaged with major employers in the science and construction industries to increase the ratios of women in our laboratory technician and materials testing apprenticeships, an area which is currently under-represented by female employees.

Youthforce is built upon years of experience working with young people from low income areas, and today many of our apprenticeships are based in low-income areas. We work closely with schools in these communities to ensure that students are aware of apprenticeship opportunities available to them, and that they receive careers advice relevant to their interests and aspirations.

Top 5 tips for applying for a training opportunity at Youthforce:

  1. Be actively involved in your recruitment process. It’s not just about an employer assessing you – it’s also a chance for you to assess the employer. Do your research and make sure you think about the questions you want to ask. Most of our apprenticeships last for at least 18 months, so you need to be sure it’s something you want to commit to!
  2. Apprenticeships are about learning. When applying for a position, don’t just think about what experience and skills you can bring to the role – think about how you would like to develop, and what you’d like to take away from it.
  3. Be open about any additional learning needs you may have. This won’t affect your application - employers ask about this to ensure that they provide any relevant support you may require in the workplace.
  4. Don’t be put off from applying for a position just because you don’t have experience in a related field. When applying for apprenticeships, employers look for transferable skills, competencies and behaviours. This might be something you can demonstrate through hobbies, clubs, volunteering or work experience in a completely different sector.
  5. If you are unsuccessful in an application, this doesn’t mean you are unsuitable for the field. Apprenticeships are increasingly popular, meaning some positions can be quite competitive. Always try to take feedback on board, and incorporate it into your future applications. The recruitment team at Youthforce provides all applicants with advice on further steps after an unsuccessful application.