Royal Air Force

UK: 30,000
Graduate Vacancies: 40+

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What does your organisation do?

Today’s modern Royal Air Force is the UK’s aerial, peacekeeping and fighting force. It’s made up of impressive full-time Regulars and spare-time Reserves who come from diverse backgrounds and work side by side to make a difference at home and abroad. Overseas, we enforce international law, while bringing aid and protection to the victims of disaster and war. At home we’re the defenders of UK airspace, while in our mountains and around our coastlines we provide a lifeline to the many who count on us in times of emergency.

The technology we use is some of the most advanced in the world keep this technology at the cutting edge, 40% of Royal Air Force’s 30,000 people are engineers covering 11 specific engineering roles.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?

The Royal Air Force employ an array of engineers and technicians, from engineer managers (Officers) to highly trained technicians, covering all disciplines from IT and communications through to critical safety and survival equipment and aircraft technicians.

How do you create an inclusive workforce?

From the highest levels of senior leadership, the RAF is fully committed to making positive, systematic change to ensure that the RAF harnesses the broadest talent pool and is representative of the society it both defends and serves. Putting people at the heart of our business is integral to our recently launched RAF Strategy and we are committed to delivering sustainable and enduring plans to achieve and maintain this as we strive for our vision of an inclusive organisation.

Top 5 tips for applying for a role at the RAF

  1. If you are at University studying for a degree in Engineering, then don’t delay and look at the fantastic sponsorship opportunities we offer.
  2. If you have already have a degree in engineering and are interested int eh Royal Air Force then don’t delay and apply now to gain a £10,000 Bonus (see RAF Recruitment website for details)
  3. Take a look at the engineering opportunities that exist in the RAF by visiting our recruitment website.
  4. What are we looking for in our applicants: Integrity, Confidence, Maturity, Teamwork and a sense of adventure
  5. Come and visit the RAF stand and meet serving engineers who can answer any questions you may have.

Role Models

Name: Squadron Leader Gregory Coles
Job Title: Officer Commanding Forward StanEval Squadron, Royal Air Force Coningsby
Engineering Discipline: Engineering Officer (AeroSystems)

I am responsible to the Head of Establishment and Chief Air Engineer for the standards and practices of 1800 personnel involved in the engineering of the Typhoon and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft, both in the UK and overseas.  As an openly gay man, the ability to be true to myself has been invaluable and has allowed the true engineer in me to work openly and freely. This has included being the Senior Engineer for the Merlin Force Helicopters in Afghanistan, pushing the boundaries of electronic warfare for Typhoon and acting as a Role Model with Stonewall to provide support to others in the Royal Air Force. I would advise students to explore all opportunities and not follow the crowd. I didn’t and despite breaking the norm in the eyes of my peers, I have had a fun and varied career supported by a very good employer.

Name: Flight Lieutenant Nosheen Chaudry
Job Title: Engineering Officer
Engineering Discipline: Engineering Officer (AeroSystems)

I am an aerosystems engineer officer with the Royal Air Force and have worked on several front line aircraft squadrons including The Red Arrows.  From early childhood I had a fascination with aircraft and the idea of flight so the Royal Air Force had always appealed. I was very fortunate to secure an RAF scholarship to be sponsored through Birmingham University to study engineering and have had an amazing career ever since. I have been offered some amazing opportunities including further study, opportunities to travel the World and work with some of the most professional and supportive people I could ever imagine.  For these reasons I am proud to be a member of the RAF BAME network to inspire others to follow in my footsteps. Also, one of the big attractions for me about the Royal Air Force is the sports and adventurous training on offer. I am really keen on athletics and have competed for the RAF Athletics Team for the last eight years.  My family were very supportive in my career choice and are very proud of my achievements.