UK: 22,000
Internationally: 55,000

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What does your organisation do?

Our high-performance, integrated power solutions are at the cutting edge of technology. From powering huge commercial vessels to nuclear submarines, supersonic fighter jets to highly efficient passenger planes, or rail locomotives to luxury yachts, we go above and beyond to create better. And it’s all thanks to our people. Whether they work in engineering or finance, manufacturing or project management, our 50,000-strong team work together to deliver excellence in the air, on land and at sea – to customers in 150 nations.

In Civil and Defence Aerospace, Nuclear, Marine and Power Systems, our people drive performance by embracing new challenges: whether that’s by developing engines that go further on less fuel, or creating smarter processes to improve our business and enhance our customer experience. Such best-in-class engineering relies on more than just technical expertise, however. So we balance knowledge and rigour with new ideas and fresh thinking by hiring lots of bright, ambitious and innovative graduates and undergraduates.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?

Any engineering discipline, including Mechanical, Aeronautical, Electrical Systems, Electronics, Materials, Nuclear, Nuclear Controls, Software, Systems and Manufacturing. We are also interested in students graduating with degrees in Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Computer Sciences.

How do you create an inclusive workforce?

At Rolls-Royce, we appreciate the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture and we are always striving to create an environment in which all of our employees can feel comfortable being themselves. As a global business operating in over 100 countries, this is critical to our success. In the UK, we currently have four employee resource groups – Prism (LGBT+), the Gender Diversity Network, the Multi Faith Network, and the African Caribbean Professional Network – with more scheduled to be launched in the coming 12 months. Our resource groups provide employee support, encourage career development, and help guide the business in creating an inclusive workplace alongside our dedicated UK Diversity and Inclusion Manager. More recently, we have been becoming increasingly involved in external events, supporting organisations such as National Student Pride and the Diversity Careers Show. Rolls-Royce was named Employer of the Year at the Women in IT Awards 2017, and we are proud to be sponsoring Equal Engineers.

Top 5 tips for applying for a role at Rolls-Royce

  1. Do your research – make sure you understand both the business and the role that you are interested in
  2. Be yourself – diversity drives innovation
  3. Ask questions – show enthusiasm and passion
  4. Sell yourself – identify all of those positive traits that you have and make sure you shout about them!
  5. Don’t delay your application – there is a lot of competition and when a place has gone, it’s gone!

Role Models

Simone Joachim photo

Name: Simone Joachim
Job Title: Advanced Manufacturing Engineer
Engineering Discipline: Manufacturing

My present role is writing programs for Co-ordinate Measurement Machines (CMM’s), which conduct high-precision inspections of the components that we make. Previously I have been a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programmer and a Component Owner.

As a transgender woman, I always thought that finding acceptance in engineering would have been impossible until I joined Rolls-Royce. Due to the issues I was having with my gender dysphoria, I had actually been with the company for 8 years before “coming out” but Rolls-Royce has been very good in helping my transition go as smoothly and as painlessly as possible. I now actually find myself regularly supporting other colleagues who are going through similar experiences to mine, something which I find extremely rewarding.

My advice is to be true to yourself – you may be surprised by just how much your company welcomes and embraces the diversity of its workforce.