Corps of Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (REME)

Circa 8000 REME Officers and Soldiers operate within the UK locations all around the world.


45 vacancies on the REME graduate scheme (2018)

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What does your organisation do?

A modern, high-tech Army needs highly trained men and women to keep equipment working. The role of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) is to do just that; inspect, maintain, repair and manufacture equipment to keep battle winning aircraft, tanks and weapons in fighting order. The REME exists to ‘keep the punch in the Army’s fist’.

The REME have 8 different trades which are utilised right across the British Army, from repairing Challenger 2 Tanks at the forefront of the battle, to maintaining Apache Attack Helicopters. The REME keeps up to date with the latest in advanced technologies and complex equipment, constantly evolving their training programme to make the seemingly impossible possible.

REME Officers are given great responsibility from the start of their career.  After graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and completing Phase 2 training, the REME Officer will take Command of a Platoon of up to 40 REME Soldiers and be responsible for millions of pounds worth of advanced military equipment.  This responsibility along with the array of opportunities such as education, sport and adventurous training, will continue to drive development. It is no surprise that REME Officers find themselves presented with the chance to become Chartered Engineers much earlier on in their careers than their civilian counterparts.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?

As an officer: Graduates must hold a technically focussed degree including engineering, maths, science or computer systems. This list is not exhaustive and many others would be considered. Non-graduates must be prepared to study for an In-Service Degree in a technical subject.

How do you create an inclusive workforce?

The MOD is a fully inclusive organisation were diversity encourage and celebrated.  The REME have Officers and Soldiers of all backgrounds and walks of life and everyone is treated fairly and valued at every level.  The Military was recognised recently as one of the leading employers of LGBT.

Top tips for applying for a role at REME

  1. Have an interest in the technology within military equipment.
  2. Demonstrate a wide range of interests.
  3. Want to inspire and lead technical soldiers and champion excellence.
  4. Show the aptitude to solve problems and the confidence to make decisions.
  5. Prove you are physically capable to lead soldiers.
  6. Be active

Role Models

Name:  Anne-Marie Douglas
Job Title:  Major, REME HQ
Engineering Discipline:  Generalist

The diverse groups I belong: LGBT, Ethic (Thai), Female Engineer

I am an Engineering Officer for the REME and my main role is to provide Engineering Authority to the maintenance of Army Equipment.  I am responsible for all things relating to HR (Discipline, Appraisals, and Professional development of subordinates), Health and Safety, problem solving, planning (logistics and engineering), logistics, and welfare.

Being an engineer within a diverse group allows me to bring a different perspective into the working environment, this could be from planning to people management. My experiences and challenges as a female and someone from the LGBT community have given me life experiences that none of my male counterparts would have experienced so I bring a great deal to the party to help shape a more open and friendly work place.


Be honest about yourself and who you are, being from one of the diverse groupings does not make you any less capable than your peers.

Just because someone talks louder than you/over you, it doesn’t mean what you have to say is less important, so make sure you say it.

Believe in yourself!