UK: 1,500
Internationally: 13,000

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What does your organisation do?

Finning is the world's largest Caterpillar dealer delivering unrivalled service for over 80 years. We sell, rent and provide parts and service for equipment and engines to customers in various industries, including mining, construction, petroleum, forestry and a wide range of power systems applications.

Since 1933, when Finning was first established in Canada by Earl B. Finning, our name has conveyed integrity, reliability and resourcefulness. Over the years, the company has grown as a result of a genuine commitment to earning customer loyalty.

With our broad product support infrastructure and unmatched service capabilities, we deliver solutions that enable customers to achieve the lowest equipment owning and operating costs while maximizing uptime.

Finning employs over 12,000 people world-wide and operates in three geographies, with the head office in Vancouver, Canada.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?

  • Service Engineers (servicing, maintaining and repairing cat equipment and engines)
  • Project Engineers (usually have backgrounds in electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering)
  • We have an IT and Digital teams and business analysts.

How do you create an inclusive workforce?

We have worked hard over the last 2 years to build our global I&D strategy. Our long term goals include:

  • Increasing female participation both in our leadership ranks and overall employee numbers
  • Identifying and reducing unconscious bias in our culture and work practices
  • We have created an I&D council that meets quarterly to discuss challenges, solutions, ideas, learning and engagement. Workshops on unconscious bias have been held raising awareness of the behaviours we engage in. We are working to develop and refine inclusive recruitment practices globally at Finning.
  • In order to generate female interest in the engineering field we are involved in the STEM ambassador program. Our strategy is to target both males and in particular females at schools and colleges to attract them to a career in engineering by deploying volunteers (STEM ambassadors) from across the business to talk to people about career opportunities within our industry.

Top 5 tips for applying for a role at Finning UK

  1. Do your research - What is the relationship between Caterpillar and Finning?
  2. Do your research – What are the industries that we serve?
  3. Format your CV so that it isn’t too ‘busy’ and tailor it so it is clear for us to see  what experience/skills/knowledge you have related to the role you are applying for.
  4. Prepare for a competency based interview – STAR Interview technique
  5. Be your best self, smile and be confident in what you can bring to Finning.

Role Models

Name: Renita Johal
Job Title: Project Engineer
Engineering Discipline: Power Generation

As a Project Engineer at Finning, I am responsible for liaising with the client and Caterpillar on all Engineering aspects for gas engine power generation. My day to day activities are unpredictable; I am regularly faced with new challenges which help to give me motivation to succeed in my role. Although the role is challenging and sometimes a little daunting, I always find a way to push forward, therefore continuously developing my Engineering knowledge.

I am a British Indian female so “I don’t fit the stereotype” of an Engineer, nevertheless I have had some amazing experiences throughout my career. From attending offshore oil rigs, to assisting with legal cases, to now working alongside a huge company like Caterpillar, the opportunities for an Engineer are endless. I’ve often been complimented by my managers for the way I approach my projects in a careful and consistent manner and I think those are traits which usually come naturally to females so I think this helps to prove why the Engineering world needs more females!

If you’re interested in a career in Engineering my advice is to be confident in your abilities and don’t feel that you can’t achieve something just because you don’t look or act exactly like the stereotype, more often than not you’ll be filling a gap that otherwise can’t be filled.

Name: Chloe Harris
Job Title: Apprentice Service Engineer (1st Year)
Engineering Discipline: Mechanical

As a female apprentice Service Engineer there’s is a desperate need for more females in the engineering world. Any female will have to have no problem with hard work and getting a bit dirty. There are great opportunities for women at Finning. It's not as daunting working in engineering as people think. I chose engineering because I have always been hands on and like a challenge. I think engineering is a perfect career because there are so many different aspects to explore that people may not even know exist. When I finish my apprenticeship programme I wish to continue working at Finning as an engineer and eventually progressing through the ranks.